Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Watcher

(A much smarter person than I, once said, that every time he says something, he feels a presence in the room watching. This presence, he called, is The Watcher. The Watcher is not God, or even God-like, but more so simply another entity, some other spirit that happens to be in the same room as he brags, and tells stories, and speaks of otherwise everyday humanness. The Watcher NEVER judges. The Watcher is just there, watching what you say, and do, and act like. Oh shit, an invisible entity, present at all times, hoping for your betterment. Call me religious I suppose)

See years ago, for better or for worse, I looked at shit differently.

It was then that I saw, life as it truly was.

If you dwell on the past too much, you're depressed.

And if you only think about the future, you're anxious.

But, and I can't stress this enough,

There is now, and always was, and always will be,

Just Now.

Just live for it,

It is the only thing that is real,

Now is what is Biblical,

Now is you are happy and well and young and free and patient and glad and truthful and lean and monstrous and hopeful and sufferin from glee

Now is what no one understands

Unless they can see

The death of close friends, the War in Iraq,

The fact that Now passes so quickly intact,

If you don't smell the roses in the hills of despair

In the valleys of death

Try selling Now to the ones who smell Satan's foul breath

Just live for the moment, the second the minute

Easier said than done,

But my friend you are in it.

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