Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Sweet Lord

I truly think that the life of Jesus Christ, aka Yeshua bar Yosef has been so misconstrued by idiotic people, that they forget a lot of factors about this man.

For one, he was brown. And worse, Middle Eastern.

His jet black hair was long and curly and flowing.

He not only gave a shit about the poor, the hungry, the developmentally disabled, he also chose to live among them.

In fact, one of the many things He actually said was...

HAPPY are the poor, for they shall inherit the land.

The Beatitudes.

I'm pretty sure that most of those who claim to love him, wouldn't even recognize him, and even if they truly came across him, they'd blink twice and he'd be gone.

You've been praying to a blonde haired blue eyed Italian Renaissance figurine. Who is on the side of the Pharisees, and money changers, and anyone else who would rather the poor suffer than the stock points of one hedge fund manager go down one fraction of a point.

And thou shall worship no false idols!

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