Monday, January 26, 2015


10:20 am

This great white behemoth named Colbie is set to bombard the Northeast in a matter of hours. And this is the calm before the storm.

I made, definitely, my last trip out for the day and perhaps a few days this morning for last minute supplies, but I'm not talking about milk and eggs. I found myself in the checkout line of Amity Liquor with a sixer of Stone IPA and a big ol' bottle of Ireland's finest, Clontarff Whiskey.

Small talking with the cute cashier, I asked if they were gonna be closing early so they could get home responsibly.

She replied, "Not until customers stop coming in, when it hits, but we'll all be dead by then anyway."

I chuckled, yet she did not. She didn't even crack a smirk.

 11:36 am

I'm calling it now as B.S.

Every first snow storm of the year is overblown. Every first snow storm disappoints. Then, IF there are any more blizzards that follow, well, the news media strikes a more guarded tone. This happens EVERY year, and we never learn.

But let's be honest...we all love it.

The grocery store owners love it because their profits triple over the two preceding days, midYeTdle school students love it for obvious reasons, and politicians love it because they get press conferences, news quotes, and in turn, major poll bumps.

Who knows though, this could be it.

But I'm not holding my breath.

 2:30 pm

 2:26 am

Ok, I'm ready to admit, it is finally looking to be a bit ominous.

You might not can't see it, but walking from building 3 to my building, it was kinda treacherous. Even though this complex has covered parking, well somehow the cars were covered... in snow.

Ok, update, as of 9am this Colbie, who is one weak ass dude, is nothing but blustery snowflakes.

Yes I was right. B.S.

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