Thursday, January 22, 2015


What, am I, are we, supposed to give a shit about the death of America's biggest ally?

America's biggest ally in the Middle East?

A pompous aristocrat, a self titled King, by only bloodline?

Who ruled by religious coercion?

Is this not the only reason America was formed, to escape persecution from the King of England?

This arrogant and filthy rich mother fucker, selling us the very life blood of our economy.

Who condones the stoning of adulterers,

Who punishes women who drive cars in public, with stoning,

Who lives in a country where stoning isn't even the worst punishment


Yeah, officially it's beheading...


A country that metes out 1,000 lashes to bloggers who merely satirize the Establishment

Aka, this King who just died.

A King, a country, that is literally building a wall on their northern border,

To keep out the likes of ISIS, and al-Qaeda, from infiltrating,

To stop these evil groups from entering their kingdom

Groups that carry out public beheadings, stoning women, and lashing bloggers

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