Sunday, September 28, 2014

The other day, after a nice 1.5 mile jog in gorgeous early Autumn weather, I looked ahead and saw a group of young guys jogging towards me. I was walking briskly at this point, feeling good. The endorphins flooding my brain, my heart still racing from the run. I veered off the sidewalk, giving this group of ten or so runners an unobstructed path. As they approached, one of them broke away from the group, now heading right towards me in the street. He looked up, we made eye contact, he smiled like he recognized me. He then extended his right hand as he was about to pass me, and said "What's up man?!"

"What's goin on," I replied.

I went to shake his hand real quick, but just at the last second, he faked it, and instead lightly smacked my ass as he ran by.

I was kinda shocked, as I realized what happened. I turned and watched him rejoin the group, jogging away as if nothing happened. And I gotta say, I wasn't even angry. In fact, I smiled and laughed to myself. I wasn't threatened at all, even though I'm straighter than a flagpole. And the more I thought about it, I actually felt flattered, for who better than a gay man to identify and appreciate true male handsomeness.

Now, if this dude WASN'T gay, well, that shit was just super gay.

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