Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A Best Kept Secret

Situated at the corner of Edgewood and West Rock Ave in the heart of residential Westville-New Haven is perhaps Westville's best kept secret. Although I've never understood the phrase. Bunyons on your foot? That is a best kept secret. The number of your previous partners, that is sometimes best kept secret. At least from your significant other in the early stages of a relationship. Your personal political beliefs while sitting at the bar, well, that is also best keep kept secret. But Deja Brew needs to be exposed.

Though the name may be more suitable for a downtown night club, and this place is far from that, Deja Brew is an institution of this neighborhood. It is a gem, a quaint brunch and lunch coffee spot far from downtown. I stop in every morning on my jog day, when, after a nice long run in the summer heat I want nothing more than a cold iced coffee. And I very much enjoy supporting this small mom and pop business. That, and I am close to getting a free drink when all ten check marks are stamped on my Deja Brew card.

So please, I ask you, to drive past the Dunkin Donuts on Whalley next time you want a coffee in my neighborhood, and come here. You're in for a treat.

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