Friday, September 26, 2014

Chester, PA

I agree that ISIS has got to go. These fuckers, they literally deserve to die. I woke up on September 23rd, my 30th birthday, and CNN told me we began air strikes on them. And hey, if even one of these murderous, decapitating, uber religious scumbags gets offed, well I'll take that present.

What a good distraction it is, these ISIS guys, from the deplorable conditions we have, currently, in our own country.

Without (respectfully) counting the thousands of American soldiers' lives lost in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2002 and 2011, how much of a real national security threat does this atrocious army pose though, truly, against the American Homeland? I believe, so far, they've killed 1, or 2, Americans. Americans, who were only over there out of sheer bravery, being journalists in a war zone.

Sure, on an emotional level, primal as it is, we want to decimate this army of, like, 10,000 and change. And we sure as hell can. Anywhere that American lives are threatened, and anyone who threatens American lives, consider yourself an Enemy of The State.

We hear this repeatedly.

Yet we are in this constant state of denial.

If, as John Kerry says, as Barack Obama says, as Dick Cheney and Bush at one time said, American lives are truly the threshold for going to war over, then admit just for once the real threat to American lives:


Go to the intersection of Ninth and Keystone, in a city I'm sure you not only forgot about, but never even visited, Chester, PA, and just FUCK off about Syria, and Iraq, and ISIS for a second, and take in the fact that there is a systematic massacre, a bloodbath, already here.

I mean, you can take a lesson from those countries, about what happens when destabilization occurs.

And it is occurring, right under your damn nose, domestically, in our own cities, where the likes of even ISIS would dare never go.

Because they'd probably get robbed and shot.

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