Thursday, August 7, 2014

" The Wu is comin through, the outcome is critical
Fuckin wit my style is sorta like a miracle
On 34th street in the Square of Herald I gained Ella
The bitch caught a Fitz like Gerald...Deen Ferraro, who's full of sorrow,
Cuz the hoe didn't win but the sun will still
Come out tomorrow "

They're back.

And holy shit, really?

See I came of age when rap was real. It was hip hop. People in my camp were blessed to grow up listening to the likes of 2pac, B.I.G., Nas, Bone Thugs, and of course, these 9 obscure and talented guys from the Five Boroughs of NYC, or, The Shaolin.

The Wu-Tang Clan.

They entered the scene, all of the aforementioned, before rap was corporatized. Before it was corny one liners (see, Drake, Lil Wayne) set to the background beat created in a lab by some Harvard educated computer geek. Way before a hip hop artist gave a shit about Mainstream America, because well, Mainstream America rejected them.

They're back (with one exception - R.I.P., ODB!!!), and after listening to two live performances on the Daily Show show morning re run just now, they're better than ever. And wow, they must be all close to 50!


I, for one, will be going out and actually buying "A Better Tomorrow."

They're worth not only listening to, but supporting as well.

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