Sunday, August 10, 2014


Iraq War #1, in my humble opinion, was completely justified. Iraq War #2 was not. And not only that, but it was poorly designed and poorly managed, with the brave and heroic US Army being pawns on a chessboard in a game being played by leaders who didn't even know or care to know the difference between Sunni and Shia Islam. But we went to war, easy to get in to yet hard as hell to get out of, no doubt, and after about ten years, thousands of American lives, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives, we were faced with only two options: stay forever, or, you know, leave.

Enter ISIS.

Aka the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, a blood thirsty group of about ten thousand men, who swept through Iraq this year, conquering everything in sight like a medieval army, even robbing a national bank to become flush in cash money. Their name is quite literal, for two reasons, as they are all battle hardened fighters who got all the practice they needed in both the Syrian Civil War as well as the calamatous aftermath in Iraq after our second invasion. The other part, being they pretty much accomplished what their name suggests. For no civilized world leaders will officially recognize their state. And historians will be slow to decide as well. But I believe, unfortunately, that they certainly have a nation, and that they have the credibility, the power, and the means to lay down the political boundaries required for a state.

And what an awful state it is, based on ancient religious beliefs that have no business in a modern civilization. But make no mistake... ISIS is here, not because we left Iraq, but because we went in the first place. So what do we do now?

Well. Bombing the shit outta them, back to the Stone Age if you will, where they apparently prefer to live, like we just did, is a step in the right direction. But this will, undoubtedly, create even more disdain for our country. Fighting ISIS, individuals who believe in two powerful things, that God is on their side and in the principle of revenge, will be difficult to say the least. America has the ability to enter their air space, undetected, with not even human pilots, but flying robots, which can remotely reign hell fire with precision guided missiles down upon these evil bastards.

Now let's just hope our defense game is just as good, or, more importantly, better.

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