Friday, August 8, 2014

Here's To The Rock

I'm a man of routine, a routine of which, at least since June, has consisted of the following: on my off day, I work out, hit the beach, and spend the better part of the afternoon sitting at my seat (yes, I suppose that seat is mine by now, sigh, I am indeed a regular) within the Oyster River Tavern eating raw Blue Point oysters, and their ever so famous mahi avocado wrap. I wash it down with a Two Roads Road Jam, a new favorite beer of mine. Or three.

But yesterday, upon approaching my car after a nice long tranquil beach walk, I looked up and saw it: the Savin Rock Roasting Company. I had been there a few years ago for a night of drinks with a friend who lives nearby. For drinks, not food. This day, I figured, I'd break from the routine and stop on in. I sat down amongst a few grizzled West Haveners and a cute blonde who was spending the last few precious minutes of her lunch break from a local bank over a tall glass of red wine.

I ordered a Two Roads White IPA, not a favorite IPA of mine but it was the closest thing to my hoppy and bitter beer palette on tap. The bar tender then competently sold me on the scallops, which came wrapped in bacon. A pleasant and tasty surprise. I asked the bar tender where the "roasting" part of the name comes from, and he told me to hold on and he'd show me. Three minutes later he returned with a small sample of corned and roast beef and pastrami, at no charge. A bar that roasts its own meats, with Two Roads on tap, across the street from a beach.

Hell yeah.

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