Sunday, August 3, 2014


Bodie: "He's a cold mother fucker."

Poot: "It's a cold world, Bodie."

Bodie: "I thought you said it's gettin warmer."

Poot: "World goin one way, people another, yo."

This is Brooklyn. My ex and I adopted him when he was only two months old. The people at the cat foster home that we got him from, which happened to be in the Brooklyn section of Waterbury, CT, told us he just showed up one day recently, clawing at the front door. In the world of stray cats, rumor of sanctuary spreads quickly I suppose. So he came from the streets of Brooklyn, and hence his name.

It's been just over eight months now, since the day he first set foot in his new home with me. And he's taught me a lot.

The world is currently in turmoil. Islamic militants are turning Iraq into a blood bath. Russia is at war with Ukraine. Drug cartels are littering the streets of Juarez with human heads. The American political system is broken beyond repair. Ebola is back.

Even the cutest infant can one day grow up to be cruel and corrupt.

But when this little guy wakes me up at 3am by nibbling on my toes because he wants to eat, when he knocks over every item on my coffee table, when he rubs up against my leg and purrs... I'm reminded that there still is good, innocence, purity, in this world.

But it ain't people.

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