Tuesday, March 10, 2015


The term, in quotes, is literally the extreme opposite of the before picture.

US President Warren G. Harding invented it, literally, out of thin air, in a campaign speech back in 1920.

My only thought is, how wasn't there an adjective for decency, simplicity, NORMALNESS, until 19 F'N 20!!!???

Meanwhile, a couple of hours ago, 47 US Senators, all of whom GOP (obviously), sent a letter to Iran, you know, our arch Nemesis, stating that essentially no matter what kinda nuclear deal is reached with our country, well it won't matter.

Because YOU, Iran, are forever our enemy, and we, well, our politics are very complicated. For any sort of deal met with the Obama administration could easily be derailed down the road because, you know, CONGRESS.

Even though you, IRAN, believe in science, and progress, and not burning people alive, and not beheading innocent people, and having political boundaries, and a relevant governmental state, and rejecting the idea that these times we live in aren't End Times and therefore maybe also believing in the fact that people in general just want to wake up tomorrow, eat breakfast, go to work, and have consensual sex.

Sure you adhere to Shia Islam, and no doubt stomaching the idea of Israel is difficult for you, but atleast you aren't trying to hold Civilization hostage by brutally slaughtering innocent people and instilling fear by posting disgusting atrocities on YouTube so that you can secure an unofficial state around modern day Dabiq, Syria solely because you pick and choose an obscure passage from the Qur'an in the hopes of inciting a Holy War to occur that you think will provoke the Prophet to come down and conduct Judgement Day when in reality you will just get your asses kicked with no help from any Prophet.

Wait, why are we still enemies, again?

I'm talking to you too, Russia, and China. Venezuela, and Cuba.

AT LEAST y'all reside in the realm of Normalcy.

Let's put aside our petty economic, political, and other stupid idelogical differences so we can unite to fight off and beat back the ABNORMALCY.

We are not living in End Times people! This is not a Holy War.

It is simply one of the World's many battles, it isn't the first, and it sure as hell won't be the last.

But it has never been clearer who the Good Guys and the Bad Guys are...

Personally, I usually adhere to the whole Grey Areas Theory of life, but this is one thing that has got to be Black and White.

It is Normal VS Abnormal.

Whose side are you on?

I'll make it easy: who do you sympathize with in the picture? The masked man in literally a black robe slicing the throat of a a chained unarmed man in orange, or, the man in......

Well you get the picture.

Pun intended.

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