Wednesday, July 30, 2014

McSkillet Burrito

Anyone who knows me, even after having just met me at a bar, knows there are a few constants in my life. Unchanging facts around which I govern myself. One being that I have the appetite of a medium sized brown bear while standing against the swift moving waters of a river, mouth wide open and salivating over the fact that any second now, some poor little pink protein packed salmon will soon land within its jaws. My penchant for Dunkin iced dark roast coffee is another truth. And, to prove that not every world view of mine involves food, ANYONE who knows me, is certain that my all time favorite show is David Simon's The Wire, although I would slightly disagree.

For, to me, The Wire is less a show, and more so an explanation. Not a justification, or an excuse, or a spiteful jab... but an explanation. The Wire explains, in effect, America in the post-Industrial Age. It is, to me, Biblical, for just as Jesus Christ himself, 2,000 years ago made political head waves selling the idea that we, the individual, are never supposed to be part of any institution, The Wire explains what happens when we do in fact become part of one, and all the going-against-our-own-conscience that is inevitable in the process.

So, to me, The Wire isn't the greatest show. It's a way of life, the closest thing to religion that I have. It is, indeed, the inspiration for this very blog's namesake. No, the greatest show is Breaking Bad. This is an epic gift from Vince Gilligan and AMC, though personally, it may be tied with HBO's True Detective. We all know that HBO does nothing but gold, but I must say, this show is special. The acting of McConnaghey and Woody Harrelson alone justifies the short season and unanswered questions. Currently, I decided to give HBO's The Leftovers a try. So far, halfway through, I will say that I am wholeheartedly fascinated. It is slow, strange, depressing, yet like the scene of a gruesome highway accident, I can't look away.

So I say, give The Wire a shot. And if you haven't seen Breaking Bad or True Detective, do it. And if you ever happen to come across a McDonald's that has the McSkillet Burrito still, please, let me know. Because that shit is the best meal I ever had, and ever will have.

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