Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Connect I Cut

I moved from Philly to Connecticut in 2010, and finally, nearly four years later, I'm starting to gain appreciation, slight as it may be, for this state.

Sure, Connecticut has horrific income inequality. It's cities are messes. Taxes are high. Our politicians are too dumb to even do corruption right. The drivers are awful. Roads are pothole'd. And you can't buy beer to go from bars.

But recently, on my few and far between days off, I've been going to the beach, which is only two miles from my apartment, then feasting on local oysters, soft shell crabs, and mahi mahi at a newly discovered and totally awesome establishment right on the Long Island Sound, The Oyster River Tavern.

My off days, here in CT recently, have been days in paradise. Beautiful weather, deliciously fresh seafood, and a beach nearby... I'll take that!

Of course, however, the water is too polluted to even dip my toes in.

Ah, Connecticut. The Nutmeg State. Or the Constitution State. Neither of these official nicknames make a whole lotta sense. I call it, Connecticut: The Land of Mediocre Strangeness. There is definitely a love/hate thing going on here.

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