Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Mother of Satan

Call them Daesh, not ISIS or ISIL, for these purveyors of evil hate it, being that this Arabic acronym sounds when uttered like the word for a squashed bug. But semantics aside, what happened in Brussels is terrifying. Hitting a subway station with legally bought chemicals and nails combined in a deadly concoction known as "Mother of Satan" isn't too hard, but hitting THE AIRPORT in tandem and just days after a mastermind of the Paris attacks was captured? Truly terrifying.

Daesh has their own state, their own tax system, highways, currency, even tourism videos. They even have their own capital city, Raqqa. And just a short ride outside of Raqqa lies an ancient land known as Dabiq, which is also the name of their own magazine. To truly understand these people, their motivations, desires, and ideology, look no further than the name.

In an obscure ancient pseudo-Islamic text not even in the Qur'an itself there lies the story of an epic End Times battle between Rome and its many allies and Sunni Islamic warriors. The battle takes place in modern day Dabiq, Syria, and ironically it doesn't end well for the warriors. But that doesn't matter, for immediately following the fight, the Apocalypse takes place and the "holy" defenders of Dabiq go to heaven, the attackers go to hell.

Where al-Qaeda was simply interested in destroying the Great Satan of Western Capitalistic Democratic Culture itself by leveling its very symbol thereby ruining the world financial system so that everything goes back to ZERO to usher in some sort of hunter-gatherer society ruled by Sharia law, truly Fight Clubesque I might add, Daesh differs in that their ambitions are far more realistic but on a much smaller scale: do anything they possibly can to attract Rome, aka normal civilization, to head to Dabiq for battle.

Of course if that did occur, Daesh would get their asses ripped apart, and afterwards, well I hate to say it, but the world would go on. No Apocalypse guys. Sorry.

Part of me would like to see this. This part of me thinks logically that if modern day Rome goes in to Syria and wrecks shit, we'd kill all these guys and simultaneously show the world and especially the true believers in this nonsense the obvious: the world didn't end, your belief is bogus.

But would it? I'm not sure, considering the unfortunate fact that hundreds of thousands of Daesh-indoctrinated kids will grow up. And worldwide, there are still citizens of every country infected with this religious virus. We live in the age of YouTube, and Twitter, and encrypted technology.

The point is, however, in these troubling times it is easy to listen to and follow demagogues who say things like "bomb the shit out of ISIS!"

But remember one thing: ISIS is not afraid of being bombed. They're afraid of not being bombed.

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