Monday, January 25, 2016

In Defense of the Donald

I was jogging on a treadmill in a hotel exercise room in Omaha when I saw his now famous presidential run introduction live on CNN, a speech that touched on all the important issues such as illegal immigration, building a wall to keep out immigrants and making Mexico pay for it, and immediately deporting tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

And I will not mention his last name. The last thing the internet needs is more of that word and hence more free publicity. No, from hereafter, the subject shall be referred to as he/him/this guy.

This is a guy who was a sleazy New Jersey developer for most of his life, a Democrat at that, a guy who extolled the benefits of making deals with the government, greasing the wheels of democracy, and maximizing profit. He proudly owns dens of filth and sin, and has filed bankruptcy several times.

In other words, for most of his life, he epitomized everything that the Republican base feared and hated, the very base that now he polls with virtually 100%.


Because, simply, he saw an opportunity and ran with it. It was quite business-like and therefore, quite him.

He saw from miles away the seething anger of an American public climbing the slow crest of the horrific Great Recession which seemed to spark from a match to a full blown arson so perfectly (and conveniently) right about in January 2009, between Bush's exit and Obama's entrance.

Suddenly, a conservative base that would otherwise despise an East Coast elitist sleazeball Casino developer channeled their hate towards a Midwest elitist Harvard educated Constitution lawyer. And he saw this, from miles away.

Testing the waters of fear and stupidity by dipping into and becoming a driving force behind the "birther" bull shit, realizing that this would work politically, realizing that the vast majority of one voting bloc could simply go against reality out of jealousy and ignorance.

No, I truly doubt this guy is a Hitler-esque racist, or an ignorant bigot, or dangerous man.

He is simply a pandering liar, and more specifically, a lying politician.

I truly can't believe he believes what he says.

And that is a giant compliment.

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