Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This piece of human garbage is Walter Palmer, and he kills beautiful and endangered animals because he can and wants to.


Motivations are everything, especially in human behavior, good and bad. Certain things we do, things we think even, either aggravate or mitigate the circumstances. Some believe that it is all black and white, but I'd disagree, and so would our highly-advanced court of law. Murder is not always cold-blooded, sometimes it's even justified. Crime can be either opportunistic, or out of necessity, or even grayer than that. Motivations usually determine punishment, or the level of such. That is the how of our judicial system, the why though? 

As students of Criminal Justice we're taught the theories of incarceration, or, simply put, why we punish. Several theories exist, among them being "eye for an eye," deterrence, and incapacitation. The first is literally Biblical, it is our oldest and most primitive theory, the second is newer but is routinely shown to be a miserable failure. I like the third, which is very progressive, in that only the most vile and evil should be executed or locked away for life because they have demonstrated that they are not safe enough to walk amongst the public, and the normal public must be protected from them.

Now I'm no PETA member, but throughout my life I've witnessed a few humans demonstrating their worth, which is less than animals. It's the feeling I get when I study Hitler, or hear about an ISIS outpost being bombarded by the shells of an F-15. Growing up, when I'd watch movies, the violence never bothered me, assuming it involved people. But once a dog dies??? Tear drops. You see, animals, unlike us, are just good, always innocent. There are numerous human beings I'd save my golden retriever's life over theirs. Like, without even blinking an eye.

Before the calls of hypocrisy come, yes I admit, I eat chickens, cows, and pigs that may endure questionable practices before arriving on my plate. I try to do the whole cage-free/grass fed/free range thing, but I know it's a slippery slope. But we must eat. And if you hunt to provide your own meals, more power to you. 

I don't, and never will, understand hunting for sport though. There is something twisted and sick about it, if you need to exercise your power to kill living things, if you are just not content with already being several rungs on top of that food ladder, if you do this because well, you're bored. Take up tennis, or read a book, jack ass!

But especially egregious and disgusting, is traveling to the already most-exploited continent in the world to take away their naturally majestic beauty, in cold-blood. What says privilege more than not only being able to fly to Africa to shoot a lion with a bow and arrow but wanting to? Missing the point entirely, he claims his guide told him this particular lion was ok to kill!

This guy makes humans, especially rich white ones, look bad.

This guy is a piece of shit.

This guy makes me think we should revisit that whole "eye for an eye" thing.

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