Thursday, June 25, 2015

From Masterpiece To...Meh!

The car conversations between Detectives Marty Hart and Rust Cole were deep, as they meandered along country roads through the eerie and desolate Louisiana bayous.

Life is a flat circle, and this show is and was pure brilliance.

Nic Pizzolato's best decision though? Aside from the creatively genius use of Ambrose Bearce language within the dialogue and other concepts from old English lit, the use of the particular setting which became a character in itself, and the riveting murder mystery plot that seemed to encompass not only corruption of the police but also the entire Old Money swamp culture, aside from all this, the best thing about this show was its actors. I've always considered Woody as among the best, but who would've thought McConaughey would prove himself as well?

Its fatal flaw though, was another decision, to throw all of this into only eight episodes, and not only that, but to completely end it there.

Myself, not a TV producer in any form, yet this show I believe would've been better suited as a 3, maybe 4 season series focusing on this one case.

Pizzolato had illusions of grandeur, to do something different, something that HBO has never done, and in fact, something no one has done: a TV series that changes completely every season, that changes everything from the characters to even the theme song. And points for that.

I had faith in Season 2, even after it leaked that Vince Vaughn and Colin Farrell would lead. But what I saw last week was a shell, a cheap imitation of Season 1. I felt it to be almost the first hour of a Batman movie. There was a bit of who-dun-it entertainment, but that's not what made Season 1 so brilliant. If I wanted entertainment I'd watch Family Guy. HBO is, well was, better than that. The gold standard, usually.

They should've stayed down in that bayou.

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