Saturday, April 4, 2015

A Real Actual Conspiracy

I'm a newspaper guy, I read the news.

This is not something I even have a choice on, for I need to know what's going on around me.

I need, I crave, the world at all times, I can't even imagine starting the morning without seeing headlines. Fuck coffee. I want Syria. And Russia.

I want to know where Iran stands on the sanctions thrusted upon it. As of this morning.

And how many murders Philadelphia has had as of now, as in right now.

I crave world news, but I NEED local news, and so before the Washington Post, or the New York Times or the Hartford Currant, I go right back to my roots...

My first URL typing is always, followed by, followed by

And so, after a wild drunken night, New Year's Eve Eve, 2010, I skimmed through headlines and noted one, something about a body spilling onto a trash heap from a crane at a landfill in New Castle, DE.

Ok, New Castle, DE. Dead body. Trash. Land fill. Nothing out of the ordinary.

See, if you've ever been to New Castle, DE, well, you'd know what I mean.

The before words, how can I say this, are synonymous with the town.

But within hours I'd find, we'd all find, that this corpse wasn't just any BODY.

This was the body of John Wheeler, and for the many who don't know, a very prominent figure in politics, the very man responsible for the existence of the Vietnam War Memorial in DC. A guy who was CEO of the Security and Exchange Commission, an aide to two Presidents, a war veteran, and a great man. A man who at the time of his untimely death was working for a defense contractor in DC.

A man, so humble, that he chose to ride public transportation from DC to Delaware every work night.

He had a reputation for being witty, he was obviously very intelligent, yet 3 days before his body fell indignantly through the air into a trash heap, Wheeler was witnessed exiting an Amtrak train in Wilmington. Over the next three days, he was encountered by witnesses disoriented, carrying one of his shoes in his hand, walking through parking garages, refusing help, yet asking for it.

And sometime, after this three day excursion, John Wheeler wound up dead in a landfill. Even while the whole time he was seen alive and alone stumbling around Wilmington, DE for days, he was within 1 mile of his home.

The police ruled his death a homicide. The medical examiner determined it was due to blunt force trauma. They even narrowed down the dumpster that his body would've had to come from to end up in that specific landfill to a parking lot in Newark, DE, several miles from Wilmington.

Something does not seem right about all this.

The very fact that you can Google this and the latest news on its behalf is from 2011 bothers me deeply.

I don't typically give conspiracy theories much attention, but there is something sinister about this.

About this very caring and loving man, and an important and prominent one at that.

How he could disappear so easily, from the face of the earth, in these modern times where everything is recorded, where even HE is recorded on live security video two nights before his body shows up in a landfill.

This case is very much open, and very much unsolved.

And yes, it bothers me deeply. Still.

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